Notre Dâme Cathedral

The name immediately conjures up images of Quasimodo and Esmerelda. In the Disney movie the cathedral is in shambles. Interestingly enough, that part of the story is accurate. When Victor Hugo wrote the book The Hunchback of Notre Dâme, the cathedral was no longer in use and was pretty dilapidated. However, because of the popularity of his book, different organizations came out of the woodwork fighting over who was going to refurbish the place. And that is why the cathedral is so beautiful and well kept today. It truly is the grand daddy of all churches. The only other building that I’ve been inside that is comparable to it is perhaps the Haghia Sophia in Istanbul. I especially love the gothic architecture with its ornate design and ominous nature. The stained glass rose in the center is truly impressive in sheer size just like all the features of the church. Even though a couple hundred people are inside, they look like ants walking around the Notre Dâme which is one of my most favorite grand edifices in the world. Advice: Don’t bother with the audio guide. It’s not very well organized. There are no numbers on anything and the audio guide does a bad job of telling you what it is that is being explained. Next time I will probably find some kind of small guide book or article about the place to bring with me instead.

Notre Dame Cathedral







Notre Dame Cathedral

Mystères de la Fenêtre Vitrée

Qu’est-ce que c’est? Dans la infâme Cathedrale de Notre Dame il y a une petite pièce de la fenêtre vitrée qui est different. La Vierge Marie regard dans le néant. Elle était la en premier ou elle est la new kid on the block?

What is this? Inside the infamous Cathedral of Notre Dame there is a small piece of the pane glass that is different. The Virgin Mary gazes into nothingness. Was she there first or is she the new kid on the block?