Séjour in Vila Velha


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Where am I now? What am I up to? As of late I’ve been living in Vila Velha, Espirito Santo Brazil for more than a month. After several months of bouncing around in Asia, it feels great to have some roots, to unpack my backpack for longer than a week. I have a small apartment and a great girlfriend here. The beach is only a 10-minute walk from my place. I finally get to cook again, one of my favorite things to do. I am working out consistently and feeling stronger and healthier every day.

Some other tidbits that make up a tipical day for me:

  • Swimming in the sea and watching the sea turtles come up for air, making spotting them into a game.
  • Perfecting my Portuguese, I’m learning more every day.
  • Trying every Churrasquinho (like a kabob, pieces of meat grilled on a stick) and Açai in my part of town.
  • Going to see independent films at the university.
  • Going to Vitória to walk around the Centro Histórico.
  • Having lunches and dinners with my girlfriend and her family, and looking out at the ocean from their balcony.
  • Giving private English lessons here and there.
  • Learning about the different winds. A southerly wind brings cooler air and sometimes rain. A northerly wind is common and is usually just a gentle breeze. When the north wind blows one day, and the next a south wind, the resulting waves are very nice and swimming on the beach is good.

Vila Velha is a pleasant town with a relaxed atmosphere. The beach is great. I love to go to the beach and listen to the crashing of the waves. Sometimes I meditate. I often feel hypnotized by the sounds, sight and sensations, especially while I’m in the water. I leave the beach feeling so recharged and smiling inside. I rarely  got that feeling in SE Asia, no matter how beautiful a beach is it doesn’t mean there’s a good energy there. Maybe it’s because of how exploited the Asian beaches are. Here in Vila Velha, you only have locals enjoying the water, and there are never very many people at the beach at one time. The water is cool and feels great when the sun is really beaming down from the mid afternoon sky.

To sum things up I’m very happy in this point of my life, where I’m at, the people that surround me and that I’m in contact with, everything. My girlfriend and her family have been so generous and great. They make my stay here very easy going and enjoyable. I feel balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually, and I thank the Universe for helping me make this possible.


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