Krabi and Ko Phi Phi


One of my favorite weeks this trip. My dear friend Leah from Texas visited me…Y’all! We spent a few days in Bangkok, then headed down south for some beach time. We started off in Krabi, where we stayed near Railay East. The most impressive part was the huge limestone cliffs towering over the beaches. We encountered monkeys, who love to eat winged ants, and we watched a really pretty sunset on the beach. From there we headed off to Ko Phi Phi.

I wasn’t really impressed with Ko Phi Phi. The island is overrun by basic b!$%#*s (and I mean both guys and girls) which kinda got to me, and I expect my friend felt the same way. My favorite day there was when we took a boat to visit Maya Beach, yes…the one in the movie The Beach (it was much prettier in the movie, but then again everything is). What they don’t tell you, until you arrive on the beach of course, is that there is a 400 baht fee to get off the goddamn boat and enjoy the beach. Apparently, it was only 100 baht until just a few days before our arrival. So… in protest, we didn’t pay the extortionistic amount and we didn’t leave the boat. Ok…well, when the boatman wasn’t looking, I put on my snorkel and goggles and slipped off the starboard side. I swam around for about 15 mins and climbed back on the boat James Bond-style before anyone caught on. The fee is supposed to go towards the clean-up of the beach. However, judging by the trash there, it’s more likely that the money is going straight into the pockets of the Phi Phi National Park officials.




However, after our 1.5 hours on the boat, we went to another area to snorkel. The water was clear enough to see quite far down and we swam amidst the towering cliffs. We swam back to the boat when my friend and I spotted a large jellyfish a few meters in front of us. Seeing the alien translucient body not 2 meters in front of me gave me a fright. We also stopped by at Monkey beach. A beach known for…it’s monkeys. Some westerners from other boats were acting like typical ignorant douchebags towards the monkeys, but otherwise it was cool to see them. One jumped on a boat as it pulled away from the coast and started eating other people’s lunches through the plastic, and finally dived into the water and swam back to the beach. That day was pretty eventful, and our bodies were a nice reddish color at the end of the day.



Finally we headed back to Krabi a day before our flight back to Bangkok, this time staying in Krabi town. We rented a motorbike and visited Fossil Beach, a beach with thousands of fossilized shell fish, and went to the top of a hill with Hindu deities.

Really the best part of the week was having a friend from back home with me. She was a very easy going travel partner, utterly patient with my non-planning aheadness, and ok with me blasting the air-con at night.


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