Da Nang


After Hoi An, I took a ride 30 km up the coastline to Da Nang. I know most travelers skip it, but in my experience all the cities that other backpackers say are lame, I enjoy…

Compared to old historical Hoi An, Da Nang has the air of an up-and-coming boom town. With its tall buildings and lit up bridges, it has the vibe of any modern city that you’d find in North America.. I found this to be a pleasant surprise and it broke up the monotony of only looking for the ‘old historical places’ that I usually find interesting.

I only spent two days there. One day, I went to see Bom Son Le at Bom Tattoo and got the piece that I had wanted for a long time.

Bom Tattoo

I went to the indoor markets the next day. They looked like many markets in many towns I’ve seen in SE Asia. My last day there I took a ride to the peninsula north of the city to see the huge standing Buddha. It reminded me of Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, though less touristy and less grand. That night I had a plate full of muscles that were labeled on the menu as fries. I had wanted french fries, which were actually labeled as fried potatoes. The waitress said she couldn’t take it back. She asked me how to pronounce french fries, and said that she had turned many westerners away thinking that her restaurant didn’t have what they were looking for. I enjoyed the muscles a helluva lot more than I would’ve french fries. They were pricey though and I cringed at the $10 tab at the end (yes, once you get used to SE Asia prices, anything over $3 makes your heart skip a beat).

I really enjoyed relaxing in Da Nang, after which I took another short ride along the coast to Hue.

Da Nang bridge


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