Inked at Bom Tattoo, Da Nang

Yesterday I got a tattoo here in Da Nang, Vietnam. I’ve always had an affinity for skeletons and particularly Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art. The Day of the Dead takes place the 2nd of November. People get together to celebrate the lives of family and friends that have died. They leave sugar skulls, flowers, and the favorite foods and drinks of the deceased at their grave sites. It started as pagan holiday and later got melded with Catholic beliefs to create the holiday we know today.

For the last few months I was designing my tattoo. I wanted 4 roses, one for each of my siblings including myself. A single rose bud for the upcoming generation. I had a fleur de lys placed on the chin as a symbol of my time living in New Orleans and Paris, two places that touched me deeply.

As for the shop and artist, Bom Lee is an absolutely amazing artist. He was so meticulous, going over every bit of shading making it the best he could. I was utterly impressed by him during the entire process. He did a lot of the tattoo completely freehand. The rest of the crew at the shop were really cool. They brought me coffee with condensed milk and a sandwich when we took a break. They were playing good music and everyone seemed really friendly and upbeat. Check out the video below of my experience at Bom’s shop:



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