Dao Ly Son and Dao Be

Ly Son Crater

Yesterday morning I left Ly Son Island. How did I find said Island?  I found it by accident. I was searching google images of Quang Ngai, when I saw a picture of a beach. I knew there were no beaches in Quang Ngai, so I clicked on the image and found out that it was called Ly Son Island. I’ve yet to see a beach in over 2 months in Asia (I took a northerly route). So I set about finding a way to get there. I asked the owner of the motel I stayed at and figured it out.

I had to get to Sa Ky port, about 20 km away. There, I had to take a ferry to the island. It cost me a total of 190.000 VND: 100.000 for the ticket, 50.000 to take the motorbike with me, and 20.000 two times for the crew lifting it on and off the boat for me.

After a choppy boat ride during which I learned I don’t get sea sick easily, I had arrived. I took up residence at Hotel Ly Son for 150.000 a night. I set out right away exploring the island on my motorbike. I cruised along the coast overlooking the rocky shore enjoying the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves crashing, and the wind on my skin. I saw a step road leading up the mountain, which is in fact an extinct volcano, put her in 2nd gear for the climb and raced to the top. The view up there was spectacular. The porous, volcanic rock cliffs were covered with lush foliage and palm trees. The water near the beach was a beautiful emerald color that made enigmatic patterns amidst the dark porous rock just beneath the surface.

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My second day there I took a small boat to Dao Be, a smaller island inhabited by 500 people only 2 km away from Ly Son. Unfortunately, some soldiers told me that I couldn’t go to the other side of the island, where the beaches were, until two hours later because they were doing military drills. So I lounged around for the 2 hours that spanned an eternity. Finally around 11 am I wandered over to the other side and, at first glance it was all porous volcanic rock, no beach! I started climbing down the rock towards the mystical blue water and found that there was indeed a beach. It was a small inlet cove of white sand  being carried in by the gently lapping waves. I climbed the rocks down and spent the rest of my time on the island floating in the crystal clear water.

Dao Be, Ly Son



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