Sick in Mae Hong Son


Mae Hong Son

The day I left the Forest Monastery and hitchhiked to Mae Hong Son, my stomach started hurting. Luckily, I got all the way there before I came down with full blown gastroenteritis (yup…stupid ass stomach flu). That being said, I didn’t see a lot of Mae Hong Son. Though, I can tell you this:

1)      There were few tourists – At least, I didn’t see very many. I think Mae Hong Son is a bit off the regular traveler’s route. I like that.


2)      The food is the best I’ve had in Thailand – At least two meals I had there were the best I have eaten during my month in country.

3)      The surrounding area is beautiful – If I coulda, I woulda rented a motorbike and explored. Oh well… another reason to come back.



Sorry folks, I don’t have a lot of advice about what to do in Mae Hong Son. I can however, give advice on what to do if you get gastroenteritis (stomach flu) in Thailand:

1)      Go to pharmacy,  buy three days worth of Imodium and something for stomach cramps.

diego montoya

2)     Buy a bunch of Gatorade and Water.


3)     Get a room with a bathroom in it (don’t pay more than 300 baht).

as if

4)     Don’t eat spicy food.

5)     Do get banana smoothies for/with breakfast.


6)    Wait patiently for the virus to fuck off…



So, if you are in northern Thailand, and you have the time, check out Mae Hong Son. Don’t get sick on the way, that way you’ll see more than I did! Next stop Chiang Rai!


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