Piece of Pai

Pai walking bridge

I love how just as much as you direct your own course, if you let it, your course also directs you. On the minivan to Pai, I had a hostel in mind. On said minivan, I met Charlie from east London who convinced me to go with him to Pai Circus School instead. Pai Circus School in a nutshell: Awesome, rickety bamboo huts that look like they were from Lost. Add to it tons of young, friendly, often tattooed and sometimes dreaded people. Included was an excellent view of the hills, a small infinity pool, DJ’s, homegrown parties, and carny classes like hula hooping, spinning fire and juggling.

The hostel was definitely a cool place to hang out. What I loved most about Pai though was taking rides on my rented motorbike with the people I met there. I went with people from the hostel to the Buddha on a hill, the waterfall (with not much water in it), a strawberry farm, the canyon lookout point, and Lode Cave (I forgot the proper names of all these places except the Lode Cave). Below are some photos of my stay:

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One thing in Pai that I wasn’t impressed with was the food. In town, most of it was Westernish and expensive (by Thai standards). I had to venture off the main drag to find some tucked away authentic eats for the expected 30 – 50 baht. But that’s small potatoes. It was the most scenic place I have seen in Thailand during my first month of travel and I met some great people there, which is what really matters…


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