Top 5 of Chang Mai

Yesterday I left Chang Mai and after an extremely windy 3-hour drive through the mountains, I arrived in Pai. I really enjoyed myself in Chang Mai. There is so much to do there. Below are my top five:

Wat Chedi Luang

Monks at Wat Chedi Luang

1)      Participated in Monk Chat – I chatted with a Monk about Buddhism, Monk life, and Thai Culture. There are several Wats that have Monk Chat around the city. The biggest one takes place at Wat Chedi Luang.

Sunday Walking Street Chang Mai

2)      Went to the Sunday Walking Market – It was great to walk around and see all the different things sold there. Towards the western end of the market my friends and I found great food for about 20 baht (75 cents).

* Another great market is the Warorot Market Day Market. I found great local, practical goods and food for 20 baht.

Wat Chedi Luang

3)      Visited Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh – Beautiful architecture and a pleasant vibe. You can take part in Monk Chat at Wat Chedi Luang.

Tiger Kingdom

4)      Visited Tiger Kingdom – I was skeptical about going to this place. I had heard rumors from blogs and forums that they drug the Tigers to make them docile enough to be petted. I wouldn’t contribute to anything that was unethical, especially where animals are involved. I decided to see for myself. I now think that they are not drugged. The Tigers ran around and played like little cats before being led by trainers to an area where you could touch them (from the shoulders down only).

Muay Thai Kalare Night Bazaar


5)      Watched a live Muay Thai fight – there are three places to see Muay Thai. I went to the Kalare Night Bazaar.

During my time in Chang Mai, I stayed at the Smile House 1 guesthouse on Ratchamanka Soi 2. I highly recommend this place. I got a little hut by the pool for 200 baht. The location is awesome and there is a pool. The restaurants cater to tourists and the prices are marked up. For good, cheap, local food, there is a little alley across the street from the southern end of Soi 2 where Smile House 1 is located. There are two little restaurants there with plates from 30 – 50 baht.

Another favorite thing I did was renting a motorbike. I found a great deal: 100 baht for 24 hrs. This is the cheapest in Chang Mai. I found this deal at a little shop on Rachapakhinai rd. I really enjoyed just driving around the city and taking in the sites. I used the motorbike to go to Mae Rim, where I got a Sak Yant mantra tattoo from Arjan Pi Bang Kating (which you can read about in-depth Here).

Chang Mai was great, and I’m going to miss it!

*My true favorite thing about Chang Mai was the people I met there. Salutations to the Slovenians: Andreja, Jana, Mic and Katja. Hello to the family Sabau: Laurent, Sandrine, Julie, Roman, and Tom. And last but not least, Sawadee Kap to the Thai friends I made at Smile House 1. It was great meeting you all!


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