Wat Si Chum

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I found a great place to stay in Sukhothai, the 4T Guesthouse. As with the last place, the staff there were super friendly, and once again I got a double room to myself. But, unlike the last place, this place has a pool! I liked taking a dip after walking around in the 37 C (100 F) heat all day.

My favorite part about my stay in Sukhothai was renting a Yamaha Fino Scooter from my guesthouse. I first cruised around the old city, where there are some fantastic ruins, including an enormous 20 m Buddha. It’s found hidden by high stone walls to the east outside the main historic park area. I had the scooter for the whole day, so I went out several times to cruise the new city as well. My little Yamaha Fino was pretty fast. I topped her out at about 90 km/hr (about 60 mph!). After renting the scooter, I am hooked. I loved driving no-rules style like the Thais do. I got a lot more used to driving on the left side of the road. I think I will work my way up to renting a motorcycle in one of the next cities I visit. If I ever stop and stick around a place for a few months, I’ll definitely buy a little motorcycle to get me around.

Sukhothai has been great. But after a couple days, I feel as though I have seen everything here. I just landed in Chang Mai, where there is so much I wanted to do on my travel list. So I’m off!


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