One night in Bangkok


OK…more like 3 nights in Bangkok. After an 11 hour flight to Tokyo, a 3 hour layover, and another 7 hour flight to Bangkok, I was exhausted. The first thing I noticed was the humidity. Even after living in New Orleans (swamp area), this place takes the cake. I arrived on the Khao San road at about 1am, right when the partying was at its peak. A mixture of smells filled the air; the sweaty party goers, the food stalls, the booze, the city. Luckily an Aussie saw me looking for a place and pointed out a side street where he was staying. I went there and found a hostel to hunker down for the night.

I didn’t stay in Bangkok long, only about 3 days. I went to the Wat Pho to check out the 40m long reclining Buddha the first day. The second day I got a Tuk Tuk to take me around some other points of interest, mostly other temples. I liked riding around in  a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok. I enjoyed watching the driver weave around traffic, missing other vehicles by mere centimeters.

My favorite thing about Bangkok was probably the food. I ate a variety of delicious dishes, all cost between 30 – 60 baht ($1-2), with most plates being closer to 30 baht. I love spicy food. Back home I can handle some pretty spicy chilies, but there were definitely a few times that I needed a cold drink to go with my meal in Bangkok.

By the third day I was ready to leave Bangkok behind. There were plenty sites that I missed, but I will have to pass through Bangkok before heading south, and I can see more before leaving Southeast Asia. Next stop…Ayuthaya!









2 thoughts on “One night in Bangkok

    1. I often ate on the eastern end of Th Rambuttri where it curves north a bit. It ends at another street and also if you take a left (going back west) there there are tons of street food stalls. That is where that photo was taken. It’s very busy at night. All the meals are about 30 – 40 baht. Are you currently in Bangkok? Cheers!


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