Santa Fe, NM

My US road-trip started from Austin, TX with the ending in Los Angeles from where I would catch my flight to Bangkok. I dropped of my belongings in my hometown of El Paso at my abuela’s house. My abuela is the one getting me to LA on time. She also enjoys travelling and so we both decided to make a few stops along the way. Our first stop was Santa Fe, NM. I have been to Albuquerque dozens of times as a kid but we never went that extra hour north to Santa Fe. It’s a quaint town nestled in the high-altitude hills of northern New Mexico. After arriving, we meandered around the main square a bit and looked at the Native American crafts. At one point we ducked into the cathedral to catch a glimpse of its beautiful interior. Later that evening we went to a cozy hotel bar to hear a man from Madrid play Sevillanas (style of Flamenco played in the city of Sevilla), and we enjoyed a couple cocktails. Although I consider El Paso to be a southwestern town, I feel that Santa Fe displays more of that quintessential southwestern spirit. The majority of the buildings are adobe, and Native American art is found on every corner. I read that Santa Fe was the most northern of the early Spanish settlements. It was a trading post where plains Indians came down from the northeast to trade, raid, or whatever struck their fancy. Being a history nerd, that aspect of the town intrigues me. Below are a few photos from that trip.


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