The Grand Canyon, AZ

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On my way to LA to catch my flight to Bangkok last week, I went with my grandma and aunt to the Grand Canyon. I had been there once when I was a kid, but it was snowing hard and the visibility was so low that I we weren’t able to see it. I remember my family and I getting out of the car in our cold-weather gear, trying to view its splendor for about 2 minutes, then giving up and getting back in the car and going to Phoenix.

This time was much better. We took a 2-hour train ride from the town of Williams, AZ. The train ride was much more relaxing than driving and allowed us to enjoy the scenery much more. The Grand Canyon is just that….Grand. When I first walked up to the ridge to take a look the immensity of it took my breath away. It was one of those moments that made me feel small. Like a beautiful starry night. Sights of that grandeur make me remember how small I am. They remind me how insignificant those day-to-day worries I have are when viewed from the perspective of the grand scheme of things. There is a path along the rim that goes several miles. We didn’t get far because we had so much fun taking silly action photos where we pretended that we were falling, jumping, or pushing each other into the abyss. We ate lunch on a smooth, secluded area that we found. The vast canyon edge was a mere 3 meters away, it’s message of grandeur ever looming in my awareness. It was a beautiful sight, and I’m glad I got to see it with family before leaving to SE Asia.



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