El Paso del Norte…

The Franklin Mountains
The Franklin Mountains


Recently while daydreaming in my miniscule bohemian attic room in Paris, I started pondering my hometown of El Paso Texas. When I first moved away 7 years ago for the first time I saw what life was like outside of El Paso. That elsewhere there were more opportunities, more diversity, more things to do and more people to meet. For a while I developed a slight aversion to my ciudad natal. However, towards the end of my life in Austin Texas and around the time I moved to New Orleans, an appreciation for where I’m from was planted like a seed, took root and since has continued to grow. I still recognize the town for what it is, a place where( for me) life seems to stand still and where, compared to the dozens of other cities I’ve seen, has very little to do by way of amusement. But, I now find a certain charm that exists there. The pace of life is slower and gives time for reflection. The sunsets, with hues of bright orange, red, violet and purple are simply stunning. There’s a certain charm that that land in the desert surrounded by mountains holds. The outpost where I was born where you can see the horizon in every direction, except what is blocked the mountain. The desert is a special place, even spiritual, where I’ve found find a tranquility unequaled elsewhere. When I was younger I used to hike in the mountains with friends or sometimes alone, and feel at peace there. Afterward I moved to central Texas, a much greener land and after that to New Orleans, the city amongst the swamps of Louisiana. Now that I live in ancient Western Europe, in a land highly developed by centuries of human occupation, I am somewhat nostalgic concerning my roots in the desert. It’s a strange thing moving to different cities. Each one changes you in a way and when you return to your hometown for the first time you realize that you no longer fully belong to that place. I know that I will continue to move around for several years, maybe my whole life, and will very possibly never again reside in the land where I was born. However, at a root level I will always be that man who grew up in El Paso del Norte, in the northern Chihuahua desert…





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