St. Louis Cathedral


St. Louis Cathedral. Taken on a cloudy day from Place d’Arms.

The next day…I attended mass held at the St. Louis Cathedral, a minor Basilica. Attending mass there was on my list for a long time. Ever since I used to work in the French Quarter I used to go there to clear my head or just walk around its spacious interior when I had minutes to spare. It was my first time going to church in I don’t know how long, but I’m glad I did. The grandiose inside gives an acoustical touch that enhances the melody of the organ that plays strongly throughout mass. The light floating smell of incense and the beauty of the intricately done stained glass windows lend a certain elegance to the place. I couldn’t help but be captivated by all the neatly tucked away inscriptions in Latin and Old French. The mural above the altar is a depiction of St. Louis speaking to a multitude of people. It says, “St. Louis, Roi de France, annonce la 7ème croisade” (St. Louis, King of France, announces the 7th crusade).

After mass in my Sunday’s finest


St. Louis Cathedral from Place d’Arms










Inside of St. Louis Cathedral






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