Tulane Mummies

Yesterday I took my ESL class on a small field trip to Tulane University where they were giving a lecture about two Egyptian mummies that were donated to the university. During the lecture we were told that they were donated by a man who bought them in the 1850’s to complement his traveling side show. He later donated them to the university where he had friends who were faculty members. The mummies are thought to be from between 789-735bc during the reign of pharaoh Oksoron III. One mummy was only a pile of bones studied by way of X-rays but the other was particularly interesting because of how well preserved she was. You could still see the scar on her stomach where they took her organs out. The scientists at Tulane speculate that she must have either been royalty, or at least rich enough for her family to have afforded superior mummification, hence her impeccable state 2300 years later. Due to X-rays showing growth plates in her bones, they put her age at about 15 years old. It is thought that she could have died during childbirth because of a slight displacement of her pubic bone and a lack of other salient explanations. The lecture was given in very technical speech, and from the looks on my students’ faces they didn’t understand very much. They did seem happy afterwards when we all went upstairs to view the actual female mummy and a few other small artifacts from her cartuche. We took turns taking pictures with her and i think all in all it was a success.






3 thoughts on “Tulane Mummies

  1. Did you ask permission before snapping these photos and posting them online? Simply having the privilege of seeing something does not give the right to publish it online, unless what you are photographing is in a public space. This certainly was not a public space.


    1. Permission was given to take photos for personal use. This is a personal travel blog and no money is being made from showing these photos nor did I disclose any information concerning the lecture given about these mummies. If a Tulane faculty member asked me to I would happily take down the photos as no harm was intended in posting them. It was simply an enjoyable experience that I wanted to share using my personal travel blog that I use to document events. Unless you are Tulane faculty, please find someone else’s blog to TROLL on.



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