Thinksport Bottle review

This is the last bottle you’ll ever need. I have the 750ml size and I use it at work, at the park, traveling, in class; pretty much any situation you can think of.

If you need/want a water bottle you need to get this one and here’s why:

1)  It has a small screen that is useful in keeping tea leaves, ice, etc. inside the bottle when you drink from it.

2)  Two tops. Smaller top opening and the bigger opening that gives you access to the screen.

3)  Changeable parts. The screen and screw-on tops can be ordered separately and are the same size for both the 750ml and 500ml size bottles.

4)  The  insulation is impressive. I’ve left my bottle with ice in it inside my car during a hot Texas summer and came back hours later to drink from it and still hear the ice clanking around. Similarly, I’ve filled the bottle with hot tea that I expected would cool down to a drinkable temperature after a few minutes, only to almost burn my tongue multiple times trying to sip it until it was actually cool enough to drink 4 hours later.

5)  This bottle is tough. Mine has taken a beating. It once fell off the 3rd level of a bunk bed onto a concrete floor. My 50lb (25kg) backpack fell on top of it and although it did sustain battle damage in the form of a 2 or 3in dent it has never affected its usability.

6)  It’s only about $20.

This water bottle has been with me through a lot. When it finally kicks the bucket, which I expect won’t be anytime soon, I’m going to grab the same exact one.

-Special thanks to Neeta for getting me this bottle as a present. Great gift!


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