A Midsummer’s Night Parade

Starting on Oak St., only a few blocks from where I live there was a parade. I could definitely get used to this. A few hundred people all dressed up as fairies, devils, R2D2 (renamed ‘Bar2 D2’ lol), Angler Fish, various animals, angles, demons, and a whole array of characters I can’t recall. My favorite was the Angler Fish costume, I was quite impressed. There were topless women, biker guys with strap-ons, people in their work clothes, and basically every crazy ass thing imaginable. A few people made their bikes into bulls and spaceships. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of it. An anything goes feeling which New Orleans seems to produce with ease. I drew some horns on my head and became an impromptu devil, although come to think of it I should’ve created horns out of my hair. So we all drank and followed the parade that was being ushered by the few with megaphones, following the guys with marching band drums, radios blasting hip hop and pop. Taking various turns until it ended back on the street it started which became a party in and of itself. People were dancing on top of delivery trucks, in one guys truck there was a kiddy pool in the bed and drunk peeps with squirt guns getting anyone who walked within range. Best of all I didn’t spend a dime, brought my own beer and liquor and that’s all folks.





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