Small colonial town. Very beautiful white washed buildings distinguished only by differences in border colors. The streets of this town, are as most colonial towns in South America, are cobble-stone, more like hobble-stone. The streets were made with nice size boulders which you have to be mindful of while walking through the streets so as not to sprain or twist ankles. No good for horses, no good for cars, no good for  people, stumblin’ outta cachaça bars. Cachaça rules this town, with a number of cachoeiras (cachaça distilleries) in the outlying region, this place boasts a number of locally made types from budget to bank breakin’, set up in old school shops within the old town center. Paraty is where I came to love Caipirinhas. Such a tasty, easy to do, drunken-you-up drink that it surprises me it hasn’t became more of a staple within the martini culture of the U.S. The streets are quiet and eerie, devoid of human presence after 1am.


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