Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Travel Hammock Review

This is one of the best pieces or gear I ever bought. I’ve used it countless times on the beach, at the park, and I’m hoping to use it soon for camping instead of a tent. It’s light (about 1.5lbs if I had to guess), as small as a grapefruit when packed up, and costs under $50 bucks on Amazon. More importantly that the specs is how badass this thing really is. It’s a great to lie in it and read, draw, nap, or basically anything relaxing.

The thing I’m trying to figure out is what to hold it up with. I used a couple Carabiners, and some cam buckle straps used for tying down heavy objects in trucks. They work extremely because they’re so easily adjustable but are heavy, I would guesstimate about 3lbs/1.5kg each, which weighs down my backpack more than I’d like… Let me know if you find anything that is cheap, simple, lightweight, and most importantly, easily adjustable to hold up a hammock.

Update: I got rid of the heavy Cam buckle straps and bought an Amazonas Microrope for holding up the hammock. It’s not as easily adjustable as the buckle straps were but the ropes fit in the hammock bag and weight less than a pound which freed up a lot of space in my pack and they won’t weight down the pack so much. I bought it at Academy Sports but I’ve seen it on Amazon also, only for about $15 bucks.




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