New Orleans in Spring

      My first time to New Orleans. Apparently this is the highest the water has been since 1937. I enjoyed finding this makeshift raft with very invaluable instructions…

Some historical anecdotes I learned while on a walking tour of the city….Interesting architecture turns out to be Spanish Caribbean and not French. Only three buildings in the French quarter are actually French. In the thirty-something years that the Spanish were ‘given’ the territory(more like the Duke of Orleans passing on a non-profit making colony to his neighbor), they built most of the French Quarter. The city only maintained it’s “French-nicity” because the Spanish never brought women with them, so it turned out that their French wives were adamant about their children and customs remaining French. Also, although the Duke of Orleans was a man, in French the name is Nouvelle Orleans, using the feminine Nouvelle instead of the masculine Nouveau. They (the French-Canadian city founders) did this on purpose because the Duke was a cross-dresser. Also of interest is the fact that although most of the street names are named after French royalty in the 1800’s, as well as various saints given the Catholic nature of the territory, there are also some more cheekily titled streets that were named after some of King Louis’ bastard children in order to mock the monarch.

Apparently this is the city of parades. Any happy reveler can join in the ‘second line’. The parade shown was a wedding, but I learned much more about jazz funeral parades. It appears that no one in New Orleans wants their deceased to come back to haunt them. So…..during a jazz funeral parade they make numerous turns at random en route to the cemetery so that the dead guy or gal will be quite confused and won’t be able find his or her way back home to pester auntie Marie or uncle Jean.


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